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England tour to India 2012, Downfall of Indian test team

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

England vs India test series 2012

Indian media named this ongoing test match series against England as revenge series. The stag was set for Indians to win the test match series against England by 4-0, but after the three test matches the points tally read as England 2 India 1. After comprehensive victory in Ahmadabad, India lost two consecutive matches against England on a pitch which turned from day one. After the Mumbai test match, many of us thought India will bounce back in Kolkatta, but it was another way around. England won the Kolkatta test match by 7 wickets. What went wrong? Whose is to be blamed?

Where the team had gone wrong? Below is the my analysis report of downfall of India test team.

1. Batting : On papers Indian team batting line up looks much better than their counter part England. Indian team could not muster over 350 runs in Mumbai and Kolkatta, where as English team had two scores over 400 and one over 500 in these two test matches. Indian batsman seems to be in hurry and forgot to play the waiting game, where as English batsman took their time and capitalized on the bad balls, bowled by the India bowlers.

2. Bowling: Indian team relied heavily on their spin bowlers, but they forgot the England team also has top world class batsman in their line up, with their waiting game English batsmen frustrated the Indian bowlers and made them look ordinary on turning India wickets. On the other hand underestimating English spinner made Indian team pay heavy price. In Mumbai test match where the pitch turned square from day one, Monty and Swann took 19 wickets collectively in entire test match inclusive of both Indian innings, where as India spinner took just 7 wickets. In kolkatta match English fast bowlers were much effective that India seamers, as they picked up 10 wickets in entire test match compared to 2 wickets of India pacers.

3. Field Placement: M.S Dhoni did some basic field placing mistake in both the test matches, bu allowing batsman to cement their feet on the pitch by giving them easy singles. It was seen even when batsmen was well set, Dhoni has put men around him, instead of saving singles.

4. Captaincy: Alastair cook seems to be in control of the Mumbai and Kolkatta test match, as his men knew exactly what he was supposed to do in the middle. Whereas Dhoni’s men seems to be clueless of what happening. No India players knew his job and the result English team outclass the Indian team in all department of cricket game in Mumbai and Kolkatta test matches.

I wish Indian dressing room now take their place in the India Test squad seriously and give a better performance in Nagpur test, or else England will go home after winning the 4 match test series by 3 is to 1.

Full scorecard of India vs England 1st test match played at Ahmedabad, India

Full scorecard of India vs England 2nd test match played at Mumbai, India

Full scorecard of India vs England 3rd test match played at Kolkatta, India





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