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Cricket Michigan Press conference

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan
Cricket Michigan

Cricket Michigan

no cricketer left behind



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With the responsibility to answer the queries from various Michigan Cricket stakeholders ( phone calls to CRICKET MICHIGAN) , the steering committee is happy to present the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at your door steps.

Michigan Cricket Board answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the necessity for a new venture CRICKET MICHIGAN in the Great Lakes Region?

A good number of Leaders / Stakeholders in Michigan Cricket agreed to a requirement of a positive work for a bright future for Cricket in Michigan as an absolute necessity and the need of the hour. The steering committee of the CRICKET MICHIGAN built, on such advice, a new young multi-dimensional project to be run by the cricketers / cricket lovers and for the cricketers / cricket lovers with a highest priority for every run and wicket to be genuine on and off the field upholding the spirit and the rules of the game.

Why is the name of the organization

• Cricket Michigan
• Michigan Cricket Association
• Michigan Cricket Academy

Prior to the launch last year, on 05 March 2013, the steering committee of the CRICKET MICHIGAN checked with the State of Michigan and IRS for availability of such name(s) that existed in the State of Michigan in the yester years to promote the game of Cricket. After learning that such name(s) were available for Business of running this sport here in Michigan as a Non-Profit Organization, the organization was named CRICKET MICHIGAN alias MICHIGAN CRICKET ASSOCIATION with Michigan Cricket Academy to exclusively focus on Young Cricketers, men and women.

Who are the teams that shall play in CRICKET MICHIGAN?

The first eight teams expressing interest and fulfilling the conditions from the CRICKET MICHIGAN’s global team membership shall play in each tournament conducted by CRICKET MICHIGAN.

We are happy to unveil
• the overwhelming response for the summer 2020 tournament and
• enthusiastic queries on the summer limited overs / time – one day – one inning – Summer All day tournament.

Thank you Nine teams that have so far taken interest in participating and fulfilling the CRICKET MICHIGAN’s civilized corporate citizenship requirements and thus qualifying for the Global Team Membership.

Who are the teams qualified

to be Global Team Membership of CRICKET MICHIGAN?

The Global Team Membership shall consist of civilized corporate citizen teams in compliance with the US Treasury’s FINCEN AML rules and regulations and the Constitution of Cricket Michigan.

The Global Team Membership shall be Club(s)/Team(s)
• With a constitution for administration and shall have President, Secretary and Treasurer.
• Duly Registered entity with the Internal Revenue Service for taxing purposes
• Duly Registered entity with The state of Michigan or any other state from the union of United States of America as profit or non-profit corporation
• Duly affiliated to the Michigan Cricket Organization, a subsidy of Cricket Michigan with
o minimum of 15 players duly affiliated with Michigan Cricketers Association, a subsidy of Cricket Michigan
o players (under-19) and Women duly affiliated with Michigan Cricket Academy, a subsidy of Cricket Michigan
o Coach/Manager, Scout/Analyst, Umpire/Scorer, Groundsman and Volunteers duly affiliated with Michigan Cricket Match Officials
Association, a subsidiary of Cricket Michigan

Who are the umpires who shall officiate in the matches?

Two qualified umpires who shall facilitate / officiate every game with absolute fairness, diversity and inclusion as top priority.

Yes, Woman umpires will be introduced to the cricket field in Michigan for the first time this season.

Where are the grounds

the member teams shall play?

The Steering Committee of the CRICKET MICHIGAN, as on date, has been / isworking with City / County / State park authorities to reserve the cricket grounds already established in the State of Michigan by cricket promoters of the yester years.

The steering committee is also working on a long standing plan for acquiring new grounds capable of hosting Representative Cricket. Please keep tuned to learn more in the months ahead.

Which is the parent body for an organization profit or nonprofit in State of Michigan?

To operate an Organization Profit or non Profit in the State of Michigan, an organization must be registered with the State of Michigan and be active in status to conduct transactions involving finances / money.

Cricket Michigan / Michigan Cricket Association / Michigan Cricket Academy is a registered nonprofit [501(c) (3) status pending] with the State of Michigan
[Identification number – 71290R / Status = Active] and has no connections with organizations that already existed with the same name prior to 05 March 2013.

A Michigan Cricket Board official can clarify if there are any additional questions one may have on this topic as we at Cricket Michigan have received notifications from individuals / organizations that other individuals calling themselves organizations have been using MICHCA or Michigan Cricket Association or Michigan Cricket Academy names freely in private or public as well as social media thus bringing disrepute to Cricket Michigan since 05 March 2013.

Which is the parent body for cricket in USA?

International Cricket Council [ICC – http://www.icc-cricket.com/about] that administers cricket in 100+ countries has affiliated USA Cricket Association [USACA -http://www.usaca.org/ ] as the organization to govern Cricket in the United States of America.

That said USACA is the Parent body for all the leagues in the United States of America and Cricket Michigan is in the process of affiliating with USACA, an associate member of the ICC.

What is the responsibility of Cricket Michigan towards the Global team membership ?

Cricket Michigan shall
• Be transparent to the global team membership in disclosing the audited statements of accounts ( income and expense – quarterly ) and shall share with the global team membership the tax returns filed with IRS once a year
• Cascade the information from the Parent body (after affiliation process is complete) as well as disclose all the information about the Global team membership to the Parent Body.
• Provide equal opportunity to every individual / team from the Global team membership.
• Help organize all its member teams into a Properly Administered Team (PAT) by
o sharing Cricket Michigan’s CPA / Auditor, if required
o having a team constitution
o registering with the State of Michigan
o working with IRS annually on the taxes
o orienting cricketing Coach / Manager / Scout

What is the plan for inducting young cricketers, men and women, to play cricket?

CRICKET MICHIGAN shall be adopting

• Youth Physical Activity Guidelines – Published by US Department of Health and Human Services
• CLPUSA – Cricket Let’s Play USA with the guidance of the Parent Body for Cricket in USA – USACA ( application for membership in progress )
• Well Played – With trained L2 Cricket Australia coaches here in CRICKET MICHIGAN to implement Well Played routines to get the youth and woman cricketers involved.

When does Cricket Michigan plan to adopt CLPUSA and Well Played?

The Steering committee is in the process of appointing a Director for Michigan Cricket Academy who shall start implementing an unique program “VAJRA” blending
• Youth Physical Activity Guidelines ,
• CLPUSA and
• Well Played
working with the in-house Trained L2 Cricket Coaches from Cricket Australia. Please stay tuned for further information.

Whose responsibility is the affiliation of a cricketer or match official or youth cricketer or woman cricketer to the proper parent body?

CRICKET MICHIGAN shall participate with all eligible tournaments with the Parent body ( after completion of affiliation ) and make sure that every cricketer / match official / youth / woman are given the opportunity to showcase and make themselves eligible to play cricket at the next level.

How to affiliate a new team to CRICKET MICHIGAN?

Any team fulfilling the CRICKET Michigan’s civilized corporate citizenship
requirements and qualify for any of the four types of Membership available for teams, shall be eligible and be playing in any tournament organized by CRICKET MICHIGAN this 2014 Summer Cricket Games onwards.

How much is the membership dues to Cricket Michigan?

The membership fees due, as on date, for a team to be enrolled into the CRICKET MICHIGAN’s civilized corporate citizenship shall be
• $100 –> An Annual Induction membership
• $50 –> An Annual Renewal membership, when membership in good standing.

The fees due to tournaments shall be based on the per tournament entry fee as decided by the Appointed Tournament Committee and ratified by the Michigan Cricket Board.

How much is the membership dues to State of Michigan and USA Cricket Association?

The membership fees due per team, as on date , is
• $20 per annum with the State of Michigan
• $200 per annum without Insurance with USA Cricket Association

Our website http://www.michiganscricket.org/ is being re-engineered for latest information. For further expedited details, please by emailcontact@michiganscricket.org

Michigan Cricket Board Members have already assisted individuals / teams to adapt / adopt the new process, unique of its kind, and are more than happy to assist new teams in case of required help over understanding any of the criteria listed en-route to becoming a civilized corporate citizen of CRICKET MICHIGAN

Please visit
Our Blog http://michiganscricket.blogspot.com/

For the Launch Press Release

For the Prior Steering Committee Update Press Release dated 03/12/2014

In the transition trail of amateur to professional cricket, Cricket Michigan’s founders are cricket benefactors and promoters having an unique background to this new venture promoting proper / genuine cricket for cricketers / cricket lovers.

CRICKET MICHIGAN / Michigan Cricket Association / Michigan Cricket Academy / MICHCA , a premier Organization to serve Michigan’s Cricket in and around the Great Lakes Region, is happy to unveil the overwhelming response from the cricketing community as always. Thank you.

Michigan Cricket Association is a duly registered Domestic Non Profit corporation with the State of Michigan / IRS on 6th of March 2013 and in the process of 501(c)(3) organizing exclusively charitable, and educational within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law, and more particularly to promote recreational programs, particular sporting [cricket] activities, and associated clubs, schools and municipalities.

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Call for nominations

The All New CRICKET MICHIGAN’s THE HALL OF FAME has five categories to be awarded in this year and each winner shall automatically be considered for the life time achievement award in that category.

1. Best Junior Cricket Initiative
2. Best Youth Cricket Initiative
3. Best Club Cricket Initiative
4. Best Women’s Cricket Initiative
5. Service to Cricket Award
The Michigan Cricket Board, with members having a high profile in cricket, shall judge the Nominations to the awards.

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