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Patna city kings winners

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

In the inaugural match of Mirchi Premier League season 2 (MPL2) Patna city kings defeated Boring Road Bombers by 48 runs. The summarized score board is as under.

Toss : Boring Road Bombers : Elected to Field first

Batting First : Patna City Kings.

Runs : 153

Wickets : 7

Overs : 20

Contribution with the Bat from Patna City Kings Players :

Sarfaraaz – 37 : Rohit Prakash – 26 : Manish Sharma -21 : Farmaan Ahmad – 17 and Sahil – 16

Contribution with the Ball from Boring Road Bombers Players:

Saurav – 3: Shashi – 2 and Anand -2

Batting Second : Boring Road Bombers.

Runs : 105

Wickets : 10

Overs : 16.2

Contribution with the Bat from Boring Road Bombers Players

Abhay Yadav- 26: Rajesh Singh : 28

Contribution with the Ball from Patna City Kings Players

Subhash Chander – 3: Amardeep – 2 and Kamlesh -2

Player of the Match : Sarfaraaz.

Below are few pics of the first match of Mirchi premier league season 2 played between Patna City Kings vs Boring Road Bombers.

Match under way between Boring road Bombers and Patna City Kings.

Patna City Kings players fielding.

More pics of the first match of Mirchi premier league season 2.

More pics of MPL 2 first match played between Patna City Kings and Boring Road Bombers.


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