A Cricketing Prodigy – Aahil Kachru

According to Wikipedia, “A child prodigy is someone, who at an early age, typically before 15 yrs., develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age.”

How and when a child develops prodigiousness is debatable. Developmental scientists still differ in their opinion about the “Nature vs. Nurture” ideologies. Some feel that the prodigy is a gift from God while the other school of thought feel that they are gifted children, who by constant nurturing of their teachers/parents turn into child prodigies .The debate continues. But one common thing found in all the cases is that it is the child’s dedication and desire to perform in his chosen field.

This particular video of Aahil Kachru is posted on youtube by his father. Aahil is a three yr. old boy who is displaying amazing batting skills at such a young age where most children are not even able to hold the bat properly. The child is practicing various shots like cover drives, straight drives and front foot drives. If you observe him closely, his eyes are very well focussed on the ball and there seems to be a determination to hit the ball in a technically correct fashion. His hands and feet move together in perfect synchronisation and there is not even the slightest hesitation in hitting the shots. He seems to be a child prodigy on the lines of Sachin Tendulkar.

Other famous Indian child prodigies in the field of cricket are Krishna Narayanan and Prithvi Shaw. Krishna is an eight year old boy from Kerala whose talent was spotted by Kerala Cricket Association after his father posted his video on youtube. Prithvi is a 14 year old boy From Mumbai who broke all records of the past 100 years by making 546 runs off 330 balls.

Looking at children like Aahil, we can very well assume that India would soon get its next cricketing icon.