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MSD and his Bike, Pics

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Indian cricket captain  M S Dhoni is one of the most biggest lover of bike. He has a vast collection of bikes like Yamaha 650CC, Kawasaki Ninja, Hero Honda CB Z, Hellcat etc. M S Dhoni owns fourteen bikes, 11 in Ranchi , 2 in Mumbai and 2 in Chennai. And the latest addiction for his collection is the Hellcat. He is the first person in South Asia to have an X132 Hellcat. It cost is Rs. 28 Lakh.

Below are te Pictures of M S Dhoni with his bike:-

Dhoni's new and latest collection is Hellcat Bike which cost is 28 Lakh

M S Dhoni enjoy ride with his favourite bike


Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his Kawasaki Bike


M S Dhoni with his bikes

Dhoni enjoy his ride on the Helcat Bike at dark night


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