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It’s very complex to envisage IPL void of controversies.  The sordid incidents have flecked the image of the Indian Premier League.  This time it’s Bollywood which went off beam.  After the match between Mumbai Indians and KKR, Shahrukh Khan got into a scuffle with the MCA officials.  Mumbai Cricket Association filed a complaint against Shahrukh Khan stating that SRK hurled maltreatment against the officials.  SRK in the intervening time wanted an apology from the MCA officials for manhandling the children who accompanied SRK.

Star dom or Star 'dumb'

After the match between KKR and MI, SRK tried to enter the field with the group of children who accompanied him, but they were denied entry into the field. SRK said that the security personnel were trying to touch the little girls on the grounds of security and this forced him to enter into a spat with the security guards.

The version of the MCA is one eighty degree opposite to the one told by SRK.  MCA filed a complaint stating that SRK entered the field with 15 kids without proper official approval and he was contravening the rules of the stadium.  MCA also claimed that SRK was totally drunk that night.

Prey or Culpable?

The president of the Mumbai Cricket Association Vilasarao Deshmukh presided over the meeting and made a unanimous decision saying that SRK is banned from entering the Wankhede stadium for five years.  Vilasrao Deshmukh, publicly announced “He is banned for any match, even international matches. He cannot come even as a spectator as anyone who goes against the rules with be banned by us.”

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