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Most Attractive IPL Cricket Ground

by Oracle

Which one is more exciting? Watching a cricket match alone, with family or with a whole lot of people in a stadium, huh…watching a game in a stadium is the one which make the game more exciting than anything else. IPL has ensured that the excitement is definitely double by selecting some of the most beautiful international stadiums in India.

One venue which stands out is the unique Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala. What makes the stadium unique? The stadium is located at 1,457 m above sea level with a scenic snow capped mountains seen in the backdrop. This is the second home venue for Kings XI Punjab. The stadium can accommodate 23,000 spectators and is rated as one of the most picturesque stadium in the world giving a run to scenic stadiums like Newlands Cricket Ground in South Africa and Adelaide oval in Australia. The Dhauladhar range covered with snow forms the backdrop to the red stadium making it scenic and beautiful. The sunset view is magical and adds spice to a cricket match with a rich visual experience.

The Anglican church of St John in the Wilderness, Dalai Lama’s residence in McLeodganj and the Government collage of Dharmashala built by the british adds an old fashioned charm to the stadium situated in Himalayas. The stadium was hosting only Ranji trophy matches until Dav Watmore, the coach of Pakistan recommended the stadium for international matches. The first international team that was hosted by the stadium was Pakistan in 2005. Now the stadium has become an integral part of Kings XI Punjab and competing to be the most scenic stadium in the world.

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