Man handling and rowdiness marked the 2nd Semi Final of the Mirchi Premiere league 2012

As predicted by Cricket oracle of, the second innings of 2nd semi final match of Mirchi Premiere league (MPL) 2012 could start as the supporter of Arah Warriors fought with the member of organizing committee, Mr. Ejaz Ahmad, who is also the Station Head of Radio Mirchi.

The second Semi Final match of Mirchi Premiere league was played between Heera Panna Dakbunglow Lions and Arah Warriors. Heera Panna Lions set the target of 175 runs for Arah Warriors to win the match. But Arah Warriors innings could not start as supporters of Arah Warriors triggered the quarrel with scorer of the match. Things went from bad to worse when Arah Warriors supporter try to man Handle Mr. Ejaz Ahmad, Station head of Radio Mirchi.

There was utmost confusion and people from the technical committee and organizing committee intervened to stop the rampage and then it was decided by the technical committee of Mirchi premiere league to award Heera Panna Dakbanglow Lions team as winner of the second semi final.

It is very sad to see such things happen in Bihar, where cricket has already hit the bottom of the ocean. Seagram’s Royal stag and Radio Mirchi organized mirchi premiere league to up lift cricket in Bihar, but due to some local goons and ill mannered people this mega event of cricket also hit the rough waters of ocean called non corporation.