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I feel low while writing this blog about my ethnically rich state Bihar and cricket the sport which is followed like a religion in India and which has given me a status in society as I represented under 14, 16 and 19 Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand state team.
Bihar and Jharkhand was one state till November 15th 2000. Bihar before November 15th 2000, has given great players like Sunil Kumar (Ex captain Ranji trophy), Saba karim (Ex wicketkeeper Indian cricket team), Tarun Kumar Bhola ( Ex Ranji trophy), Tariq (Ex Ranji trophy ), Devjeet Chakraborty (Ex Ranji trophy , and century getter in his debut match of Ranji trophy), Vishu Shanker (Ex MRF pace academy student and Ex Ranji trophy player for Bihar) , Viskash Kumar Ranu (Ex Ranji trophy), Raja (Ex Ranji trophy) and many more.

Before creation of Jharkhand state, Bihar cricket association (BCA) was recognized by Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI). But BCA has lost its status soon after state of Jharkhand was formed, thus leaving the future of cricketers in state of Bihar in doldrums.
The within politics in Bihar cricket association has eaten up the organization and formation of the rival faction — Association of Bihar Cricket (ABC) made the things more complicated.

The status of Bihar cricket is so bad that there is only one turf wicket in Patna (Capital of Bihar). That wicket is in Moin-Ul-haq stadium. It was due to honourable Mr. G.S Kang (I.A.S), and then the president of Patna cricket association (PDC) that Moin – Ul- Haq stadium got a world cup match in 1996.

The players of in Bihar are no more disciplined. They eat all band substance in the training camp, they are on the ground with cigarettes and some players come under influence of alcohol to give trails. Once such act of non-disciple was highlighted when state team had gone to play match in Goa and one of the players misbehaved with the female hotel staff and entire Bihar team was asked to leave the tournament and the hotel.

After seeing all this Radio Mirchi planned to give a platform to such players who have talent but not got a platform to show their talent, and the outcome of their planning was Mirchi Premiere League. Seagram’s Royal Stag is the main sponsors of Mirchi Premiere league. There are 12 business men from Patna and other parts of Bihar has come up to join hand with Radio Mirchi for the initiative they have taken to uplift the cricketing talent in Bihar. Some of the team owners are Patna Guinea house jewellers, Hira panna Jewellers, Real life infrastructure, The Roti , and others.

Crickethighlights.com wishes Radio Mirchi for great successful in Mirchi Premiere league.

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DAK March 12, 2012 - 4:21 am

Thanks devjeet

Devjeet Chakraborty March 9, 2012 - 5:01 am

Good Article

It is a great initiative for hosting Cricket Tournaments’ in Bihar. Talent has never been a problem for Bihar, what lacked is positive attitude. Its time people rise from there pity differences and work towards the betterment of the sports.

Sports is positive influence in society not just recreation. And today, players can make good living for themself and their families in any sports.

I congratulate Cricket Highlights for working at the grass root level and covering relevant activity in Patna. I wish your Team with all the success and continue the great work.

Danish C.O.O March 10, 2012 - 9:21 am

Yeah brother

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