Oh! Bangladesh Oh!

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

The Wild swing that could have been the boundary, but instead cost the wicket. So close, Yet So Far. Bangladesh come 2 runs short of being Asian Cricket Champions

Even before the Finals of the Asia Cup started, Bangladesh had done the unthinkable. They have beaten current world champions India, and former champions Sri Lanka and came just two runs shy of beating former world champions Pakistan’s in the Asia Cup Finals today. Hats off to you guys!

A nail biting finish to a tournament that has been a revelation of the progress the Bangladesh team has made in coming so far in International Cricket. The match was a roller coaster and just when it looked that bangladesh was out, Mohamudullah struck 3 fours in the 46th over to get them back on track.

Down to the last 4 needed off the last 2 balls, it was any one’s game and i think Bangladesh could have run two 2s instead of the wild swing that cost the 8th wicket and the loss one ball.

Nevertheless, hats off to you folks. Will this be the turning point for Bangladesh in International Cricket History?

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