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Test Cricket Rankings of ICC

by Oracle

So the India Vs England series caused a few changes in the ICC Test Cricket Rankings after India’s 4-0 debacle. Before the start of the tour, India were the Number one Ranked Test nation in the world as per the ICC. But after losing the 3rd test match to England they slipped down to the 3rd spot with South Africa being number two.

So here is the current ICC Test Cricket Rankings (as per cricinfo’s website)

ICC Test Championship Rankings

5 September 2011
Team Matches Points Rating
England 37 4634 125
South Africa 21 2469 118
India 37 4336 117
Sri Lanka 23 2486 108
Australia 27 2692 100
Pakistan 24 2245 94
West Indies 23 2039 89
New Zealand 19 1485 78
Bangladesh 12 94 8

Zimbabwe is currently unranked, as it has played insufficient matches. It has 106 points and a rating of 53.

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