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Ind-Eng 5th ODI Cardiff – Virat Kohlis Century Highlights

by Oracle

Here are some of the highlights of Virat Kohlis century in the 5th ODI against England today at Cardiff . He eventually got out on a HIT WICKET after scoring 107 in 93 balls. These highlights are from Cricinfo

17.3 Swann to Kohli, FOUR, 52.9 mph, timing! Kohli must have very powerful wrists. He flicked this with the spin, his wrists springing into action, and picked the gap between midwicket and mid-on. A couple of England fielders set off after it, but the ball found its way to the rope
19.6 Swann to Kohli, FOUR, 57.9 mph, fires it hard down the leg side, closes the face and works it down delicately past short fine leg to clinch a boundary, nicely done
25.6 Swann to Kohli, 2 runs, 52.8 mph, good running, got back onto the back foot and turned it gently into the leg side, plenty of open spaces behind square leg and they’ve scrambled through to two as it takes deep square leg to cover plenty of ground to get to it
31.4 Bresnan to Kohli, FOUR, 82.8 mph, nicely done Virat, short ball on middle, swiveled and helped it on its way to fine-leg boundary
34.3 Dernbach to Kohli, FOUR, 84.3 mph, that’s another favourite shot of his, full on the off and he whips it stylishly over midwicket for a boundary
34.4 Dernbach to Kohli, 3 runs, 65.3 mph, shortish, a mistimed pull but has enough on it to give them three more, got it well wide of long-on and deep midwicket

Another Huge Hit by Virat Kohli - IND-ENG 5th ODI at Cardiff

Virat Kohli On a Roll - hitting one for a four

34.6 Dernbach to Kohli, FOUR, nicely timed by Kohli, full on the off and he just jabs it uppishly past the bowler to beat the diving mid-off, what a productive over
39.1 Patel to Kohli, FOUR, 52.9 mph, Kohli’s going for it, stepped out of the crease and Patel chased him but he had eyed his spot and executed the shot superbly, over midwicket
39.2 Patel to Kohli, FOUR, 51.0 mph, and again, a bit more effort in that one, got to the pitch and swung it hard between deep midwicket and long-on
39.6 Patel to Kohli, SIX, 52.6 mph, massive, that was supremely struck, Patel’s out of the attack now I reckon, pushed it quicker through the air but Kohli had made up his mind, landed on a length and he lofted it high and hard over long-off for a six
42.5 Finn to Kohli, no run, 82.2 mph, banged in short on middle and Kohli went for the pull but couldn’t connect, Finn appeals but the umpire doesn’t think it’s out. They’ve asked for a referral. Did it go off the glove? Hot Spot didn’t capture anything, the side angle doesn’t show any contact with the glove. The front angle gave us the impression that there might have been some contact with the glove but the side-angle put that impression to rest. Not out.
42.6Finn to Kohli, FOUR, 89.9 mph, dropped, should go down as one even though Ian Bell didn’t get a hand to it, he ran in too far, length ball and Kohli was targeting the long-on boundary, connected but not as well as he would have liked and Bell ran in too far and it went over his head, and landed inside the ropes
India 235/3   V Kohli 107* (92b 9×4 1×6)
43.3 Swann to Kohli, OUT, 53.5 mph, Hit-wicket, Kohli’s gone, he rocked on the back foot to work that square and rocks back far enough to dislodge the bail on middle and leg stump, that’s gone, Kieswetter spotted that and appealed and Kohli has to go after a delightful innings
V Kohli hit wicket b Swann 107 (93b 9×4 1×6) SR: 115.05