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Cricket, Coaching and Career

by vikashkumarranu

Cricket coaching

Cricket is an undoubtedly india’s no one sport. In india cricket is a larger then life. Everybody says that India has only two passion movies and cricket. Sometimes cricketer pays more attention than movies star, and they accorded the demi-god status.

Coaches describe the fundamentals of game to players and direct team plan and strategy. Coaching is important for all players , every player is not born talented, but they have potential to become a great player and go coach help them to achieve their fame. He is like general of an army who plan and algorithm for victory. A widespread recognition of cricket opened new job prospective in cricket coaching.

A coach must have some personal qualities. He must be hard working and very organized. Coaches not only train players on the technique and basics of the game but also instill a sense of courage and inject to do spirit in the upcoming players. A coach should always be sincere and honest with players, avoiding all rumors negativity and discouraging cliques.

A coach must be a good mixer and should know how to communicate with players. Coaches have to behave like a friend with senior players and as a parents or teacher with junior players. A coach philosophy should reflect in his team and players.
Now a days where cricket is played in all forms like test one day and T20. So work load has been increased on players these forms of cricket is different in standard and technique. So coaches play a very important role these days.
BCCI has taken a great step in coaching to insure that children receive the best possible
instruction. It is essential that the coaches under goes the training run by N C A. It is a great act by BCCI. This era of cricket coaching in India is going to stay here.

Cricket India Academy is one of the academy who emphasis on right coaching, they are collaborating with Australian coaches to come and train the Indian coach of their academy which can impart their coaching skill on the young player who can make big in international cricket.

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