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Rahul Dravid done in by third umpire : India saying hello to defeat once again

by Puru Singh

To say that the series against England has not gone India’s way would be an understatement. Nothing absolutely nothing has gone according to plan. Not just the personnel but even the technology has betrayed India time and again. Its excruciating to see that every time technological aid ,read DRS and Hot Spot, has been taken its the Indians who have ended on the wrong side of the rope.

Test number four at Oval has been no different either. After being asked to follow on India must have hoped for a great start from Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag in order to entertain any thoughts of saving this Test match. But that did not happen because,India’s best batsmen in the series was given out in a controversial manner by the third umpire. First innings centurian was looking in complete control like he has looked throught out the summer before T.V. Umpire Steve Davis ruled him out caught at short leg in spite of none of the replays looking conclusive.Thus, cutting short what in all probability would be the last inning of Rahul Dravid on English soil. Trusting the instincts perhaps. Hot spot did not show ball touching the bat, snickometer too had just one reference that’s when ball had hit the pads before ballooning into the hands of Alistair Cook. Different camera angles did not capture any deviation either so just when everyone had accepted that “The Wall” is going to stay came the shocker.

Some commentators were of the view that Dravid’s body language gave away and that must have been a reason why third umpire gave him out. If that really is the case then nothing can be more ludicrous than this. How can you pronounce someone guilty just because he was acting like one? especially when all kinds of means are available to provide correct judgement. There was enough doubt and unless somebody changed the laws overnight, the benefit of doubt always goes to the batsman. Alas it was not to be.

India is once again staring at defeat and one man who could have thwarted a 4-0 whitewash is back in the pavilion. Why ??? Because someone who had all the power but no logic decided to go with his understanding of body language rather than trying to understand what was being replayed again and again.

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