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Music is cricket wife

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

The great Writer Shakespare wrote in his play “Twelfth night” “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,…. “This saying shows two different shades of love. Duke Orsino, emperor of a kingdom is madly in love with angle looking Princess Olivia, but Princess Olivia has rejected Duke’s love again and again as she mourns the death of her brother. The Duke Orsino is in love with love (happiness) and Princess Olivia is in love with sorrow (Sadness). Both have banked on Music to claim their life.

Music plays a very important part in cricket or any other sport. Music lifts the spirit of a cricketer. Listening music is kind of medication for many cricketer around the world. It helps them force and concentrate harder on their respective role in the game of cricket. In recent times every interval of a match, be it a T20 match or 5 day test match, the spectators and the players are entertained by music and in some case even dance.  In mega events like world cup of IPL opening ceremonies, are marked with Stars performing on great Music. In the interval of 3rd test match played between England and India Played at Edgbaston cricket ground in Birmingham England, we saw Legendary A. R Rehman speaking with Sir Sunil Gavaskar and Harsha bhogle how music helps calm people mind and bring stability in one’s life.

I have heard many players talking about how music has helped them to come out from their bad phase of life. Many even say that music is their first love and first things they pack are the gadget which provides them music. There are many cricketers who are musicians in their second role and take music as serious hobby. The list is illustrious one, but we will talk about few from different cricket teams.

Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar recorded a Indipop album, named Rest Day.

Brett lee The Australian fearsome bowler, joined rock band “Six & Out” to start his musical journey. The band “Six & out” had former international cricketers like Gavin Robertson and Shane Lee (Brett lee’s brother) as its members. Brett lee also recorded a duet song called “You’re the One” with the Indian legendary Singer Asha Bhonsle. This song was part of Album “Asha and Friends” which reached number two spot in Indian music charts. Lee is now associated with new band “White Shoe theory” and he might perform with this band live in india.

We have news that Graeme Smith and AB de Villiers of South Africa is also in process of creating a rock band. Graeme is also married to Irish singer Morgan Deane.

Music has changed many cricketer lives; it is in blood of cricketers around the world. Music is first love of cricketer and it will not be wrong if we term Music as wife of cricket.

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