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India vs England Second Test Match:India clueless England ruthless

by Puru Singh

Its remorseful,terrible,heartbreaking,distressing.Its sad,very sad.The signs were there in West Indies when India did not press for victory after 90 odd runs were required in the last 15 overs.We were told wicket was not conducive for strokeplay.Inspite of the fact that we have one of the best stroke players and the opposition did not have an attack that looked ominous we digested the theory with lots of hajmolas and Eno.The alarm bells however, rang again in the tour match.After another poor showing someone reminded us that we are traditionally slow starters and we will improve.Yes we are traditionally slow starters but we have not been a No.1 team traditionally.It was a new found status,a holy grail which was suppose to be kept intact and secure and perhaps it required things to be done differently.Everyone from past cricketers to cricket pundits to loyal fans and even the local panwadi knew that there should have been more practice matches as English pitches and weather are the most difficult to get acclimatised.Honorary BCCI president and Mahender Singh Dhoni though thought otherwise.After the first test match at Lord’s however the writing was not just on the wall it was on the ceiling.Underpreparedness of Dhoni’s brigade had become too apparent to be hidden under the carpet or covered by the guile of excuses.But before the Knives could come out past records of how splendidly team India performs in the second test match of an overseas series were splashed all over.Players both past and current,cricket pundits on various channels,twitterrati and bloggers created so much of hype about “Second Test Indian victories” that it seemed India had already won the second test.And the way they performed in the first couple of sessions at Trent Bridge it did seem like a dejavu.England were 128 for 8 and India well and truly on top.But that’s when the fairytale ended.Last two wickets added more than hundred runs and since then India played catch up cricket.To make matters worse they were comfortably placed when Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh had gone past the individual milestones of century and half century respectively and looked set for more.We all thought India would race to a big lead.Alas,it was not to be.Our batsmen did what bowlers did on the previous day.ie fritter away the advantage.The hosts came roaring back and won the match and could in all probability snatch the No1 status from team India

Try telling me that it all happened just because there were less practice matches played by our clueless cricketers..Yes that’s a reason and pretty important one as well but further introspection would show how granted things were taken by the powers that be.It was not just the players but even the selectors.There was no third opener as a cover if someone got injured,fitness of Zaheer Khan was not properly assessed.Everyone simply hoped that things will fall in place on its own once they step on to the cricket field.Unfortunately and not surprisingly nothing changed.The process which started in West Indies reached its fitting finale on the fourth day of the second test itself.Funnily the series seems to be over even before it started.Indian players look jaded,tired and exhausted as if its the end of the tour.

As an ardent fan of the game I feel cheated,I represent that section of Indian cricket aficionados who celebrate with vigour every little piece of magic displayed by those eleven men in whites or in blue depending on the format of the game and at the same time we feel a sense of deep anguish when our team go down fighting.Today was one such day perhaps more painful because Dhoni & Co. did not even go down fighting.They surrendered meekly.There was no manifestation of their No.1 status,not even fleetingly.Even the calling back of Ian Bell reflects that killer instinct was missing.Pouncing on every little opportunity,making opposition pay for even the slightest of mistake,rising like a phoenix when opposition thought you are down and out.All this was on display but from Andrew Strauss and his men.No wonder they are 2-0 up after first two matches and they might be new No.1 after the series is over.

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