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Best 5 Pictures of cricket matches and events.

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

Crickethighlights.com has chosen best 5 pictures of cricket matches and events which took place last week between 15th to 21st August 2011.

The pictures are from India vs England test match and Australia vs Sri lanka ODI series.

Cricket Supports watch the ODI match between Sri lanka and Australia

Gambhir hits his head on the ground while trying to take a catch: Picture Source: Yahoo.com.

Malinga's way of celebration after taking wickets

Jayawardane congratulate Clarke afeter Australia defeated Sri lanka in the 4th ODI match: Picture Source: Yahoo.com.

Former England Ken Barrington is Incroporated into the ICC cricket hall of fame at Kia Oval on 19th Aigust 2011.

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