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Second Test Match India Vs England: Summary

by Puru Singh

There is thing about India that when they are playing well they play really well but if they aren’t playing well they look absolutely rubbish.I am not sure how they manage to do it so consistently.If ever there was any proof needed for the above theory it was aptly provided in the first two days of the Second test match.Yesterday,while bowling Dhoni and co. started proceedings in such a determined manner they seemed like men on mission.All the bowlers were unplayable and it was a treat for an Indian cricket fan because all the three fast bowlers Sreesanth,Ishant Sharma and Praveen Kumar bowled with such agro that one was reminded of West Indian pace battery.It was a heartening sight especially after the mauling recieved in the first test match.First eight English batters were sent back to the hut for some 100 runs and just when one thought India would go for the kill opposite happened and ugliness reared it’s head.With Stuart Broad launching a scathing counter attack neither the bowlers nor the skipper,who is perhaps having one of his worst series both behind and in front of the wicket,had any answers.Broad promptly completed his second consecutive fifty and in the process helped his side reach a respectable 221.

Exactly the same story was repeated on the second day as well.India after starting reasonably well were still precariously placed at 139 for 4 when Yuvraj singh who is playing a test match after a gap of almost 15 month joined Rahul Dravid.Together both shared a century stand and looked so comfortable at the crease that it made the viewer feel as if nothing can go wrong from here.As on cue Yuvraj was dismissed by Stuart Broad who would then went on to complete a hat-trick.India certainly looked that they would get much more than eventual lead of 67 runs but were done in by the brilliance of Stuart Broad who is enjoying the best summer of his life.All the character and dignity shown by Indian batsmen suddenly evaporated once the Yuvraj-Dravid stand was broken.The rest of the batsmen caved in like ten pins exhibiting the ugly nature of Indian cricket once again.

Though all is not lost as India still leads by 43 runs and they have sent Alistair cook back to the pavilion.However one would hope that the No 1 test team in the world would do justice to it’s numerouno tag and does not give us any more jitters and frustrating moments.For that to happen we don’t just need our bowlers to hit the top form for the second time in this match but captain cool needs to come to the party as well.He is obviously not having best of times which has affected his captaincy as well.From a pro-active leader he has turned into a reactive one resulting in India loosing crucial moments.Nonetheless a man of Dhoni’s class and temperament can not stay in a state of slumber for long and he would soon bounce back.

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