Suresh Raina and Poorna Patel in Shirdi

Till the other day Suresh Raina was an eligible bachelor.Extremely successful and flashy on the field but not so off it.However all of it seems to be changing now.It was really nice to see him visiting shirdi before leaving for West Indies but what was not nice was some body by the name Poorna Patel in the same frame.Poorna Patel who?? Ohh she was in the news for ferrying some people from Jaipur by using an Air India plane.That must be easy considering her father Mr. Prafful Patel was the aviation minister at that time.We all saw what senior patel had done with his baby read Air India.He created havoc in the national carrier.The once blossoming airline is struggling to stay afloat these days.We just hope and pray the newest patel from the same household does not have the same devastating effect on another blossoming carreer or her “baby”.Suresh raina and Poorna Patel in Shirdi

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