Photo gallery of Shakshi Singh Dhoni wife of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricket team captain, married to his childhood girlfriend Shakshi Singh Rawat in year 2010 on july4th. are chosen top five photographs of Shakshi Singh Dhoni.

Top pictures 1st position: Mrs Dhoni at her new home
2nd from the top picture:Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his wife Shakshi
3rd best pictures:Shakshi's Smile
4th best picture:Dhoni and Shakshi in Goa
5th best picture:Shakshi is going for match with her husband

6 Replies to “Photo gallery of Shakshi Singh Dhoni wife of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    1. Every one look stupid to swim in the ocean no one can win against the high tide. Still it is full of thrill

    1. Marriying his childhood friend, and that too when Dhoni is on the top of his career say lot about our cricket team captain commitment.

      1. this is a false story. Dhoni never met sakshi till something like 2008 – 2009. these are urban myths. he met through a common contact in a 5 star hotel in calcutta where Dhoni was staying. Sakshi was then doing her hotel management and it was supposed to be her last day at the hotel. they met and dhoni then later got her number from the common contact.

        1. Gaurav there are many stories about Dhoni and Shakshi, what I have written is confirmed from someone who uses to pratice with Dhoni when is was not even known to world cricket.

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