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An Interview with ex Jharkhand Ranji Trophy player Anitesh Kumar

by Danish "Dangerous" Khan

Anitesh Kumar fearsome fast bowler of Jharkhand

Crickethighlights.com had pleasure to interview Anitesh who played for Railway Dhanbad team as fearsome fast bowler. Anitesh is 26 and he had also played for Under 22 Jharkhand team and Jharkhand ranji trophy team.

Circkethighlights.com : Which team you Played for? Name of all the teams you have played for with the year of service

Anitesh Kumar : Jharkhand U-22 (2004-2008)

Jharkhand Ranji trophy team (2004 – 2005)

Dhandbad Railways ( 2009 – Current)

Circkethighlights.com : As what you played in all these teams?

Anitesh Kumar: In all three teams I have played as fast bowler

Circkethighlights.com : What all tournaments you have played in?

Anitesh Kumar: I have played in Ranji trophy and Vinu Mankad Trophy.

Circkethighlights.com :How did you get into the Ranji Team? Also mentioned the year you got into the team! And describe your journey from a young cricketer to Ranji trophy player?

Anitesh Kumar:My performance at junior level was excellent. I was the highest wicket taker for Jharkhand u-22 in the year 2004-05, based on that performance I got selected for the Ranji trophy team.

Circkethighlights.com : What challenges you faced while getting into Team?

Anitesh Kumar: District quota policy of Bihar cricket association (BCA) was the biggest challenge to over come for selection.

Circkethighlights.com : Since how long you have being playing cricket? Before getting in any team

Anitesh Kumar: I have started playing cricket since 1995.

Circkethighlights.com : How has DLF IPL changed the domestic level cricket?

Anitesh Kumar: DLF IPLis a great platform for domestic players to show their talent. But the importance of domestic cricket has been adversely affected by IPL. Players are just preparing for shorter version of the game and in longer version of the game they don’t have stamina to play all four or five days of match.

Circkethighlights.com : What advice you have for Bihar cricket associations and other cricketing bodies to harness the pool of talents which goes unnoticed at domestic level due to lack of infrastructure?

Anitesh Kumar: They should ignore the quota system.

They should adopt fair selection process.

They should give proper chances to deserving player

Circkethighlights.com : Any Advice to young generation cricketers?

Anitesh Kumar: They should work hard there is no short to glory.

They should always focus on the goal they have made for themselves and remember the basics of the cricket game.

Circkethighlights.com : What was your practice schedule?

Anitesh Kumar: In off season I take care of my fitness by doing yoga and going to gym. In season I practice hard in nets. During                                                season my morning starts at 6 and I rest in the evening. I keep on practicing in regular intervals.

Circkethighlights.com : What are you favorite locker room memories?

Anitesh Kumar: My favorite locker room memory was sharing dressing room with Mahinder Singh Dhoni ( Indian cricket team captain)

Circkethighlights.com : What are you favorite on-field memories?

Anitesh Kumar: My peformance against West Bengal U-22 team (2004-05).

Circkethighlights.com : Your most memorable match? Why it is most memorable match?

Anitesh Kumar: A Match against Orrissa(2004-05). That was my debut match and i took 5 wickets.

Circkethighlights.com : Which bowl has got you maximum wicket and why it it?

Anitesh Kumar: Slower bowl .I am good at altering speed of the bowl.

Circkethighlights.com : What can be done to produce better bowlers?

Anitesh Kumar: There should be fast bowler academy set up in state level.

Circkethighlights.com : What challenges did you face for team selection in getting into team?

Anitesh Kumar: I suffered mostly to “Dirty” politics of associations.

Circkethighlights.com : How will it be to have someone like Laloo ji as the chairman of BCCI?

Anitesh Kumar: No comments

Circkethighlights.com : Which format of the game cricket really tests the talent of a player? Answer in descending order

Anitesh Kumar: Test cricket

One day Internationals


Circkethighlights.com : What you think of Sachin tendulkar? Who is the better batsman? Tendulkar , Lara or Kallis

Anitesh Kumar: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is Legend, actually I have no words to describe him. Obviously Tendulkar is the best.

Circkethighlights.com : According to you who are the best bowler in world all time and in present time?

Anitesh Kumar: Current best bowler is Dale Steyn

All time best bowler is Wasim Akram.

Crickethighlights.com comment: Why cricketing bodies all over India encourage fast blower by making fast wickets? Why all bastmen friendly wickets are always made. Why can’t all the six bowls in a over be bowled as bouncer? lack of pace academy , infrastructure and proper guidance leave talent like Anitesh Kumar in middle of no where. More interviews of players and coaching staff .

Anitesh Kumar fearsome fast bowler of Railways Dhanbad

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