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Five reasons why Mumbai lost to unfancied Deccan Chargers

by Puru Singh

It was an incredible match as far as result was concerned because no one would have given Deccan Chargers a semblance of a chance against a much stronger Mumbai Indians team.it was a mismatch as far as tournament showing and team sheets are concerned,but then cricket is a “game of glorious uncertainities” and following five points had a great role to assert that adage.Reader’s discretion is required although all the facts are absolutely true to the best of my knowledge.

1. Munaf patel is a decent performer but he never grabs enough eyeballs,esp those of the fairer sex.He thought he had done enough by helping team India to win the cup and now the girls would start calling him munna(f).But much to his dismay it was Sreesanth inspite of his insipid showing who grabbed all the eyeballs especially those of Ria Sen.Munaf just couldnt take it anymore and decided to transform himself.That was the reason one saw him yelling and gesturing aggressively at Amit Mishra for no apparent reason.Though he conceeded 23 runs in the process but certain Miss Pandey has called him to say how finally she is ready to do what she had been promising for more than a month,but only for MUNNA(f)

2.J.P. a really expensive buy for chargers has not done anything substantial with the bat and Sangakkara wanted to drop him but Duminy said Hashan Tilakratne has told him on facebook who fixed the world cup final for Srilanka.Even though he has no clue what happened in that match as he was sleep walking in that match that is why he could not recall what he said when the coin was flipped for the first time during the toss,but being a saintly figure who never(yeah never) indulges in any controversies he gave in to Duminy’s demand to open the bowling in place of Steyn.Fortunately for Deccan skipper he bowled magical two overs.Aha you see,good things happens to good people.

3.Symmo who has been a changed man these days and is bonding big time with a sikh from jalandhar who is giving him lassi glasses and getting Australian for beer read Foster’s in return,could have win it on its own but the man is in depression since that famous blog by a South African chherleader has gone public in which she reffered to Naughty Australians.Symonds who has been doing yoga and meditation to control his temper was only giving that girl some yoga classes and doesnt know what the all fuss is about.

4.Keiron Pollard thought that his only job is to show some cool reggae moves to the people in the stadium and hold on to some great catches as well.Nobody told him that he is suppose to contribute with the bat as well.By the time Bhajji reminded him about his batting calibre it was already too late.Pollard tried but in vain.Never mind as long as he is aware what his real job is,I am sure he will win more matches for Tendulkar.

5.Now you want fifth reason as well….have fun cheerz.

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