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The cricket world cup was up in 2003 and then unless you bought some expensive dish network subscription there were hardly any options to watch the games. Online videos were non existent. And even if one could watch the game at some friends house, the time zone difference between USA and cricket playing nations was such that one would have to
watch the game are really odd hours (i remember the world cup games used to start something like at 3 am). So i always used to wonder, wudnt it be just easier if one could watch a 30 minute highlight of a cricket game (the one-day versions are 8 hrs long) online?

So what was the Solution?

To develop a website, www.crickethighlights.com  to showcase the game highlights. So here we are with the site. Nothing Major or Ambitious. For now we are just putting the best videos from YouTube here and will post all vidoes from the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

We need Volunteer Contributors and Writers. Please contact us at info AT crickethighlights.com

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