Champions League Twenty 20 2013 match predictions

We at gives match predictions of all the cricket match being played around the world. All the prediction are paid.

The parameters of determining the prediction are.

1. Numerology.

2. Astrology.

3. Venue factor.

4. Team composition.

We have a dedicated  team to analyse the above four factor and give you the predictions. Our predictions hit 85 percent on right box and 15 percent on the wrong box. We give prediction of Toss and Match winner.

The process of getting the predictions from us are as under.

1. Per match prediction will cost Rs 2500 INR. For test match prediction will cost Rs 500 per day.

2. You have to deposit the money directly to my bank account which will be sent to you through sms or email or through paypal at

3. Then send us the transaction details on my email with the details of the match for which you want the prediction off, 24 hrs before the start of the match.

4. We will send you the prediction through sms or email as per your requirement.

5. No prediction will be given without payment.

6. For each wrong prediction we will give you next prediction for free. The parameter to determine, if the prediction is  wrong or right will be based on winning team.

7. No trial prediction will be given.

8. If interested in getting predictions for the Champion league Twenty 20 2013 and other matches being played across the world, the feel free to write to us at or call us on + 91 – 9570008866.




5 Replies to “Champions League Twenty 20 2013 match predictions

  1. sir i want membership. plz give me answer and send me your previous matches prediction. i am waiting your answer.

    1. Membership is of two type, for 180 days You have to pay 80000 in which you will get all match prediction which is happening across the globe. Then for 160000 you will get prediction for 365 days for all the matches happening across the globe. If you want single match prediction that will cost you 3500 per match. If you are interested call me at +91-9570008866.

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