Indian Premier league IPL 6 2013 predictions

Indian premier league or IPL 6 predictions are available on our website, Please feel free to contact us at +91-9570008866 or email us at

All the IPl 6 or IPl matchs prediction are available on Predictions are based on numerology, astrology and previous team history. In prediction chart you will get predictions of IPL 6 matches, the winning team name, Which team will win the toss, who will bat first, which team will score how many runs and how many wickets will fall.

So please free to contact us at +91-9570008866 or email us at Our success ration is 70 isto 30, 70% being correct and 30% is wrong.

6 Replies to “Indian Premier league IPL 6 2013 predictions

  1. helo sir.pls ek match ki to prediction send kar do at least hame pata chal jaye ga k ur correct.pls sir.m asking fr only one.

  2. hello sir,
    your prediction ic very good, i am waiting you websit opening again since many mounthy, thanks good you will be back. plz tell me how can i get ipl prediction, plz reply me. on my e_mail. . i am waiting your answer, plz plz plz
    javaid hussain

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    1. Hello Raju

      You can get all the prediction of IPL 6 matches for 41800. The money has to be deposited in advance by 2nd april. In my bank account. Details are given below.

      Bank Name : Central Bank Of India
      Branch : Rajbhanshinagar, Patna
      IFS Code : CBIN0281998
      Name : Danish Ahmad Khan
      Account no: 3134282492

      When you have deposited the money you have to send me the transaction details and you will get all the matches prediction by email 8-12 hrs before the match start.

      For more query feel free to call me at +91-9570008866 or email me at

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