Project Front Foot – Season 2011-12

Gymkhana King’s Circle had an energetic and exciting third season during the year 2011 -12. The best part of the season was the surprise to all the participants and that was the appointment of Bhavana Patil as the head coach who shared duties with Harshad Bosnaik. Structured and well disciplined coaching of Coach Bhavana inspired the participants and was evident in all the sessions, which was filled with fun and saw sincere hard work, put-in by the participants.

A Match situation warranting a strategy - During a session in Mumbai

The session went through turbulence, as many coaching sessions were lost due to MCA schedule and participant’s exam commitment. Thanks to the coaching team which stitched the project, Dharavi and Reality Gives (NGO) ensuring full cooperation in handling crisis situation. The measure of the event’s success was attributed to the ability garnered over a period of time to field teams in competitive matches on home turf.  During the mid season, Project Front Foot had a full coverage in Sports Illustrated, India, followed by website.

The summer session in UK was as hectic as the session in Mumbai except that the weather was pleasant and venues where well tied up. Fundraising campaign initiated by Project Front Foot via E-mails was not as fruitful as expected, however, partner NGO, Reality Gives shared the burden equally in Mumbai. Further, a number of sessions involved self-funding tournament and friendly matches. Though the quest for funds is on in Mumbai, the situation was not the same in UK with Kit foundations. Hats off to all those, who worked day and night to make Project Front Foot season, 2011-12, an event to remember against all odds.


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