M A Fateh Khan and Ali Abbas Khan Memorial Cricket Tournament 2012 from 1st Feb 2012, in Siwan

M A Fateh Khan and Ali Abbas Khan Memorial Cricket Tournament 2012 is starting from 1st Feb 2012, in Rajinder Stadium siwan. This is first 100 ball tournament. The details and rules and regulation of the tournament is as under.

Introducing the country’s first 100 ball knock out tournament. The tournament is being organized by crickethighlights.com and RJD.

  • Date of the tournament. 
  • Start date          : 1st Feb 2012.
  • End date            : 10th Feb 2012. (Tentative).
  • Final date          : 10th Feb 2012. (Tentative).


  • Timing of the matches. 

1st Match 

  • Start Time          : 09:00 A.M (09:00 Hrs).
  • End Time           : 12:30 P.M (12:30 Hrs).


2nd Match 

  • Start Time          : 01:00 P.M (13:00 Hrs).
  • End Time           : 04:30 P.M (16:30 Hrs).


Note: Two matches will be played every day until the final match.


  • Registration 
  • The entry fees of the tournament is Rs 2001/- .
  • There will be a two step registration process. The team has to register with the committee latest by 20th Jan 2012, by depositing the entry fees to committee.
  • First 16 teams to register will play in the tournament.
  • For registration call Mr. Asad at +91-9934225214


  • Rules and Regulations. 
  • The tournament will be played with a Balco Green ball.
  • There will be a maximum of 100 balls per inning.
  • The first 15 overs will consist of 6 balls per over and the last 10 balls will have to be bowled by one bowler.
  • For the 15 over, each bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs.
  • Power play will be enforced for the first 5 overs and the last 10 balls.
  • 1 bouncer will be allowed per over.
  • Teams have to give their team list 10 minutes before the start of the game.
  • If a team comes 30 minutes late from the start time then 03 overs will be deducted from their innings.
  • If any team comes 45 minutes late from the start time then the team will be disqualified.
  • Not more than 03 players will be allowed as substitute of any players that have not reached the ground.
  • The teams will be given 05 overs, for players who have not reached the ground to join their team, after 05 overs they will not be allowed to play in the match for their respective teams.
  • All teams have to take the ground in their team dress, and with shoes. If any player is found without shoes or proper dress then he will be NOT allowed to play for his team.
  • A player can play for his own team and no other team, if a team is knocked out of the tournament then the players of that team cannot play in any other team.
  • Any player found talking over the cell phone while fielding, after two warnings from the umpire, that ball will be considered as “No Ball” and free hit will be awarded to the opponent team.
  • Any player found or heard abusing any other player, that player will be made to sit out for 03 overs, and if he continues the same, then his team will lose 02 overs from their innings.
  • Umpire decision will be final and every player has to abide to it. There should be no discussion on the decision of the umpire.
  • There will be NO drinks break in between any innings.
  • Innings break will be of 15 minutes.


  • Draws 
  • The tournament will be a knock out tournament. The teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 each. Two teams from each group will play against each other and the winner of the 2 games will play for the semi final.
  • The winning team will be given the title of “Knockout Cricket Super Heroes
  • Teams will be randomly assigned into pools.
  • Awards and Prize of the tournament.
    • There will be a “Man of the match” award for each match.
    • The final Winning team will get a Rs 6000/- trophy and Rs 5,001/- cash money.
    • The runner up will get an Rs 3500/- trophy and Rs 2,501/- cash money.
    • There will be awards for the Man of the series, Best batsmen and Best fielder
    • For the spectators, there will be three prizes of Rs. 1,000 each for predicting the winner of the two semi-finals and the final. The spectators prediction will be put in a basket and a lucky draw ill be held.
    • Mementos will be given to the finalists and to the Umpires and match officials.

Why is this tournament different from others?

  • Players can see match summaries and pictures on our website (crickethighlights.com) – there will be full coverage online on our site.
  • The trophy and prize money is One of the biggest in this kind of tournament
  • It is the first 100 ball knock out tournament.
  • We recognize man of the matches, best batsmen and bowler for the tournament.
  • Bowlers can get their bowling speed measured, with upto 1 kmph accuracy machines.
  • Unlike the other tournaments we provide refreshments to players.
  • We organize tournament with great integrity and honesty.


M A fateh Khan and Ali Abbas Khan memorial cricket tournament 2012.


Man of the tournament prize A.
Man of the tournament prize.
M A Fateh Khan and Ali Abbas Khan Memorial cricket trophy ( Winner and Runner Up ).






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