An interview with Abhijeet: A cricket coach with the Cricket India Academy

Abhijeet is a coach with The Cricket India Academy. He coaches private institutes and academies. got a chance to interview him on the difference in the traditional Indian coaching and the new techniques introduced by the Cricket India Academy. Here is his interview:

You can also read his interview below:

Q: Abhijeet, which teams are you coaching?

A: At present, I am coaching some educational institutes and private academies.

Q: Nowadays there is ad on TV stating that we should have sport as a subject in schools. If sport is a subject, then how this induction program is going to help the students in India?

A: It will help a lot. Sports subject is necessary in schools. If you look at Australia, they think about small children and focus on their development at a very early age. If the base for the student is good, then they can automatically develop into better sportsmen. This is the main intention of induction program.

Q: We have seen in our times that the training mostly focused on running; physical fitness and throwing the ball at the stumps from a distance. Here we see Australian coaches bringing in new technology and techniques. So, what is the difference between this new style of Australian coaching and the older coaching methods?

A: There is a huge difference between older coaching and the current Australian coaching. The Australian coaching program covers all aspects in a very short period of time while making it enjoyable for the student. Earlier everybody used to start with warm up and then play the game. In our induction program, we don’t start with a warm up, the young children directly start playing the game. This makes it enjoyable for the kids without making them feel like a fitness schedule. These small games are enjoyable and offer warm up and fitness at same time helping students to learn the technical aspects of cricket. The equipment brought by the Australian Induction program is very different and focuses on making learning enjoyable.

Q: So the students learn the sport while enjoying it?

A: Yes, while enjoying such games student will learn techniques and skills.  These games also help students to maintain their physical fitness in a very short time.

Thanks Abhijeet, it’s a very good program and I am sure it will help improve cricket techniques at the international and domestic level. Once again thank you for your time.

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