India England 5th ODI at Cardiff – Virat Kohli Hit Wicket Sparks Tweets

Stylish Indian Batsman Virat Kohli was on fire today in the 5th and last ODI against England. Finalyl one match in which india seems to be on fire and could score past 300 today. Kohli got a splendid 103 runs hitting some massive boundaries and completing a century stand with Rahul Dravid (on his swanswong ODI innings)

But then he got HIT WICKET – yes a Hit Wicket – details from cricinfo

Swann to Kohli, OUT, 86.1 kph, Hit-wicket, Kohli’s gone, he rocked on the back foot to work that square and rocks back far enough to dislodge the bail on middle and leg stump, that’s gone, Kieswetter spotted that and appealed and Kohli has to go after a delightful innings
Here are some pictures
After a splendid century Virat Kohli goes backfoot and does a HIT Wicket - IND-ENG 5th ODI
Virat Kohli goes on the backfoot but does a HIT WICKET

And so what people are saying in Twitter about this dismissal!

Vineet Kaushal

Unusual one RT Virat Kohli is the first batsman tobe dismissed hit wicket after a hundred in an ODI.

Vijay Ganesh

Kohli hit wicket or kick wicket ?   – i like that one !

even Poonam Pandey tweeted in – : Kohli hit wicket ho gaya. Oh no

@canikhilesh Nikhilesh

would have liked kohli getting out on the boundary rather than hit wicket

4 minutes ago

@tmsproducer Adam Mountford

From @TMSscorer. Kohli is the 56th man to be out hit wicket in ODI’s. The last Indian was Sachin Tendulkar.

@Not since Ricky Ponting stood on his stumps after hooking James Sutherland for six has a hit wicket seemed so unfair. Kohli was great.

@arifkhan7 Arif Khan

OMG! #Kohli hit-wicket!!! This is disappointing. :((

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