The Art of Outswing bowling: Grip, Tips and Videos

In my earlier post “The art of Inswing bowling” I have discussed how ball move in the air while bowling an inswing delivery. Today we will discuss Outswinger bowling.

Outswing: Outswing ball moves in the air leaving the right handed batsmen. The line of outswing ball should be on the middle stump to right handed batsmen so that it curved out and hit the top of the off stump after pitching.

Science behind Outswing bowling: The cricket ball is made of  leather which is stitched in the middle. This stitch is also known as Seam. Seam positioning and gripping plays a very important part in making ball move in the air. You must have seen bowler across the world shinning or polishing one side of the ball. They do this to keep one side of the ball smooth and other side rough.

In an outswing the smooth side of the ball is kept at right hand side. When the bowler releases the ball, the wind provides little resistance to the side which is shinning, while the rough side resists the flow of the wind. Thus the wind on the shiny side hits the seam and pushes the ball in the opposite direction, thus making the ball swing.

Science behind Outswing bowling

Outswing Theory and formula : Seam+Shine+Wind

For bowling good outswing ball one should keep these factors in mind.

  • The Grip:  Grip the ball with two fingers either side of the seam, with the thumb underneath.  The next two fingers fold gently into the palm of your hand.
Grip for Out Swing balling
  • The Cricket Ball Position: While griping the ball there is be a finger gap between your palm and cricket ball. if you hold the ball too tightly then it will not come out of the hand properly which will result in no swing. Gripping the ball loosely will result in less control over the cricket ball.
Ball position for out swing balling
  • The Wrist Position: The position of the wrist should be locked at the back of the ball while releasing the ball. The fingers should run over the seam of the cricket ball so that the seam of the ball get a back spin, and due to right wrist position ball moves in the air.
Wrist position and release of ball while balling out swingers
  • The Line of the ball: In out swing bowling the line of the ball should always be on middle stump for right handed batsmen, because ball will move away from the batsmen and it should hit the top of the off stump after pitching.
The Line of Out Swing balling
  • Follow through: The Right handed bowler follow through should end at the bottom of the shoulder of left hand.
Follow through of Out swing balling

Watch the step by step video on how to ball outswingers.

Video of an almost perfect outswinger – Aaqib javed to Sachin Tendulkar

Here is another video of Wasim Akram, the king of swing bowling discussing this art

A video of Kapil Dev’s glorious Outswingers

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