Dear OLX, if Sab Kuch Bikta Hai, Can i Sell My Rights to be an Indian Cricket Fan? - can i sell my rights to be an indian cricket fan on your site

If you are watching the 3rd Test match between Indian and England on Star Cricket there is every chance that you would have seen an advertisement which keeps popping up every now and then. It is for some website and has a very interesting tag line “Sab kuch bikta hai” (everything can be sold). Just wondering if i could sell my rights to being an Indian Cricket Fan because the way India is playing there is no heart left in the game. Or Dear, OLX are you getting offers to sell English wickets as well because the way India is bowling I doubt if there are many coming there way otherwise. Considering most of the Indian players are millionaires right now, thanks to the Indian Premier League, currency should not be an issue.

Talking about millionaires one guy who is definitely playing like one is Amit Mishra. One no ball, one long hop and one half volley has been a norm per over. Its disappointing to see him perform like this especially since once he was considered a threat to great Anil Kumble. The man has long been retired but his would be successor it seems is far happier bowling four overs in IPL. Another great performer we have is Shanthakumaran Sreesanth. More than six years of International cricket and he is still searching for good length spot. The Maverick cricketer can not bowl six outswingers on one spot leave alone adding inswingers or in cutters to his repertoire.

Amit Mishra (in)action !

Like the previous eleven days of this series this day too will be dominated by England.Andrew Strauss and Alastaire Cook shared a stand of 186 runs for the opening wicket.Cook further piled on the agony by completing 150 runs till the time this article was being written. Such has been the ruthlessness shown by this English team that India is just not been able to get up. Its hard to decide if England is more ruthless or India is more spineless.

The Mahender Singh Dhoni led Indian team came with such a huge reputation that perhaps for the first time in history we were not starting as underdogs against England in England. It was supposed to be a hard fought series but after two Test matches its anybody’s guess what is the result going to be after the four Test matches. A 4-0 whitewash looks imminent but anyone looking for close Test matches don’t have to loose hope. Just ask your cable operator to replace Star Cricket with Ten Sports. They are telecasting Bangladesh’s tour of Zimbabwe who are playing international cricket after almost five years. Before the first Test match began it was clear that Zimbabweans are no match for India as far as financial aspect is concerned. After the match ended it became clear however, that Indians are no match for Zimbabwe as far as motivational aspect is concerned.

So Dear OLX, once again, can i sell my rights to being an indian cricket fan. I doubt i will get a bid but i can try

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  1. parikshit, I agree with you about Kumble. That spirit is impossible to find. Someone had asked him about what was going through his mind when he came out to bowl. He said it was one of the very few times that Indian batsman had put up a decent total overseas and he just couldn’t sit outside.

    1. I think Indian team has lost the spirit of playing a test match. The team looked to tired to play a 5 day test match. Except few cricketers all wants to make money by playing shorter version of the great game of cricket.

    2. yes i know …awesome cricketer ..outside the field also he is fantastic….jumbo,dravid,javagal srinath,prasad…they all belong to the top notch spot when it comes 2 ..being a true representator of the gentlemans game , they were aggressive too in heir own way not like that stupid Sreesanth lol

    3. yes i know …awesome cricketer ..outside the field also he is fantastic….jumbo,dravid,javagal srinath,prasad…they all belong to the top notch spot when it comes 2 ..being a true representator of the gentlemans game , they were aggressive too in heir own way not like that stupid Sreesanth lol

  2. Dear PakCricFan

    First of all, going by how India is playing in this series, let alone the short ball, they havent been able to play any ball properly. As far as the buying us all out thing is concerned, when Dhoni was batting against Pakistan in the worldcup, I almost heard the Pak wicketkeeper saying “Sir, humara bhi karwa do na IPL mein”. The article is really well written and Kudos to zimbabwe, these people could easily wander across the fence and play for south africa but still they are representing a country which shows guts and talent on and off.

    1. This India team has forgotten to play 5 day test match. Well I think that Pakistan team players should be included in the IPL, this will give IPL more name and fame

  3. Now we know what Zimbabwe and Kenya go through 🙂 !! With Sehwag’s king pair, the listings would escalate with no bids to match. Mera Bharat Mahaan. To be fair, we have been in such situations in the past. Indian cricket fans have a very short memory and will cheer as if nothing happend in the next series. Case in point: The world cup seems distant already.

  4. Ha Ha Ha ..its funny puru bhai ….yes you are correct about Amit Mishra …its dissapointing to see him bowl like that..and we cannot blame it on.. him not being in the team on many ocassions ., to be honest he was never even close 2 jumbo..forget about being a threat ..its not that ,Kumble got all the support every single time during his long career but his determination and zeal for precision was top notch(silently), i mean u dont expect many players to play when you have a serious injury ..i hope you remember the windies tour ..and the broken jaw incident , he even got LARA out lol…so thats a good example right there.Shree..I think its time for him to concentrate in the resturant business along with his with buddy Robin Utthapa…may b another reality show .BIG BOSS is a nice option.I am getting this feeling that the new coach its not going to be very productive for us, i just hope he does not destroy the team ..organised by Mr Kisten, and i am still optimistic that ..we are going to come out of this situation ..very soon…so what is opinion about Duncan Fletcher????? keep posting

    1. thnx parikshit…but we cnt jump the gun on fletcher yet…give him more time..moreover he can only coach,cnt play on the park…

      1. that is correct but i just feel that he is not good enough ..he coached england too how come he cant help the boys with things a coach ..he is renposible too ..for our defeat against the GORA’S…..i just pray that ..he doesnt do any..BS like chappell(devide n rule)….n what do u think ..about the bowling department ..we cannot depend on ZAK all the time…if someone could help IRFAN…that guy has lots of potential

  5. guys – how much min bid are you all willing to accept- i shud probably buy you all out….. indian cant play the short ball – even till this date

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