Virat Kohli Scores Just 4 Runs in Test Debut! Never Mind, Kid!

Virat Kohli Walks back after being dismissed for 4 runs in his Test Debut

The first test match between India and West Indies had to important events for the history books. One being the completion of 15 years of Rahul Dravid in International Cricket. And the other, being the test match debut of very promising star of Indian Cricket, possibly one who can become the next Wall for india, Virat Kohli (i am still awed by his world cup winning statement) .

There has been a lot of anticipation and Virat Kohli has himself said that he considers playting test matches for India the ultimate honor. His debut inning was however short-lived. He was out for just 4 runs, scalped by Edwards . Here is an excerpt of commentary from Cricinfo

” V Kohli c †Baugh b Edwards 4 (10b 1×4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Edwards to Kohli, OUT, that is the end of Virat’s debut innings, he is gone nibbling at one outside off and Baugh has gobbled up the appetiser before lunch, was some distance from Virat, not much need to play at it, but for once Virat pressed forward, and got so close to the ball that he had to play at it, and ended up getting a healthy edge through to the keeper, a happy bunch of West Indians will take lunch”

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