Still Pictures of Suresh Raina and Poorna Patel both together in a temple

Poorna Patel was seen with Suresh Raina before he was leaving for the West Indies tour. She is the daughter of Aviation minister Praful Patel. Is Poorna Patel girlfriend of Suresh Raina? manages to bring you 5 pics of Suresh Raina and Poorna Patel together in a temple.

Poorna Patel going to entertain the match
Poorna Patel in happy mood
Poorna Patel with her Mom
Suresh Raina and his girlfriend Poorna Patel
Suresh Raina Present Sai Baba's statue in Sirdi

43 Replies to “Still Pictures of Suresh Raina and Poorna Patel both together in a temple

  1. Raina was a aggressive player and i like his batting style.His girl looks beautiful..nice choice raina…

  2. i love u raina….i just have a request:)plz score many hundreds and fifties in the upcoming matches…be the best player in the indian team….all the best for ur future…poorna is gud-looking..its ur wish 2 marry her…:)<3<3<3<3 love uuuuuu<3.

  3. yo! i luvv raina and i am is great fan but ver he has time for comman people like us BUT POORNA is not bad she is tops if u luvv her then he should get linknd vit her

  4. hey dear dn’t marry nw u have to achieve alot in ur life nd have to be at the top of the world nd merry wth a normal sweet girl instead of her
    luv uuuuu dear

  5. raina plz ,mujhe nahi pata tha that ur taste is sooooooo bad,see mahi what a great choice he has,plz.its just her plan 2 bcome famous,dont b misunderstood.bst of luck.

  6. Raina will surely get a better girl than this…. she doesn’t match him…. Even if love is blind…this is too much…

  7. frankly – she looks like the mother of two kids – above 30 and old! raina, come on , you can do better than this rich dad’s daughter

    1. Well to keep on performing at international level one needs to have motivation. May be poorna patel can be that motivation for Suresh Raina

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