Is Lalit Modi back in T20 with the Sri Lankan Version of IPL?

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So the ghost of Lalit Modi has once again came back to haunt big wigs of BCCI.?

There are strong rumors that twenty-20 bash to be played from July 19 to August 4 which is being organized by Srilankan cricket board is managed by Lalit Modi. The bone of contention seems to be a company named Somerset Entertainment Ventures pvt. Ltd.(SEV)

Many in the BCCI believes that this firm is owned by Lalit Modi who though is happy to be in the limelight after a while.  The Man has a great penchant to be in the news after all, but he scoffed at the latest controversy by saying “Amazing! What will they come up with next? Imaginations do run wild in BCCI. I don’t know who is behind all this.”

Nishant Ranatunga (Secy. Sri Lankan Cricket) says that “Somerset is a Singapore firm and it is only the marketing arm of the tournament and it does not own the tournament” SLC obviously does not want to offend BCCI as they would want Indian players to play in their considering the popularity garnered by Indian Cricketers worldwide and that would ensure more value to their league. So the powers of Sri Lankan Cricket are trying desperately to get in touch with BCCI officials but they are not been able to do so.Why??

Last heard top bosses of BCCI are queuing outside pharmacists to procure stocks to tablets which treats Insomnia. I call it “Modi effect”

4 Replies to “Is Lalit Modi back in T20 with the Sri Lankan Version of IPL?

    1. BCCI hasn’t forgotten that IPL was the brainchild of Lalit Modi.That’s the reason they are going berserk because they are apprehensive about what if modi replicates in Sri Lanka what he did in India.

  1. so what does somerset entertainment actually do. it could just be a front company but managing the entire show for the sri lankan IPL

  2. wow ! you really cant stop a force of nature and a smart one like Modi! He will out fox the idiots at BCCI in no time. Go Modi! You gave us IPL and i am sure it is just the start to make cricket even bigger

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