Best Tweets Congratulating Rahul Dravid on 15 years in International Cricket

Given that we at love Rahul Dravid, it has been exciting to see all the praise for the master batsman on twitter for completing his 15 years in international cricket. Woo hoo! I compiled some great tweets, which really are too short to do justice to a batsman of his stature!

  • mtvindia: Rahul Dravid – the one batsman who has more runs than brand endorsements – completes15 years of test cricket today! Bravo!
  • Rahul Dravid: Standing tall – Hindustan Times
  • gkjohn: So it’s back to old faithful Rahul Dravid, eh? The more things change, the more they stay the same. (referring to the time when indian was reeling under the west indies onslaught in the test match today before harbhajan and suresh rains led the rescue work)
  • amreekandesi: After 15 years of experience, Rahul Dravid would have made a fine IT project manager and made a couple lakhs per month.  THIS WAS TOTALLY RANDOM!
  • aishu_s: Rahul Dravid completes 15 years of international cricket. An amazing batsman and one of the most dignified cricketers we have. What a man.
  • knayam: 15 years of Rahul Dravid. 15 glorious years. Take a bow, sire.
  • thebollywoodfan: India can trend Rahul Dravid all we want, fact is country/team wasn’t behind him 100% when he was captain or when he hit poor form. – There is some truth in that!
  • ajinkyaforyou: Boy was playing Cricket outside RAJNIKANTS house, ball hit window ,Rajni told the boy to play slowly .That boy is now called “RAHUL DRAVID”  –  Not sure where that came from!
  • faisalshariff: At the risk of being castigated for this statement I still believe that #Rahul Dravid is Indias greatest Test batsman. Period.
  • And this one is a real gem – captainshanky: Concept of cricketers – Ganguly: Do or Die, Sehwag: Do Before U Die, Tendulkar: Dont Die Until U Do, Rahul Dravid: Play Until Bowlers Die!

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