Dhoni and Warne head to head in IPL 4, 52th match

Chennai Super Kings
Rajasthan Royals

In the fourth edition of Indian Premier League on Monday a tough an important match would be there between defending champion Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Both the team Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals lost 4 matches out of 10 matches. Both the teams are struggling a little bit in this season 4. Chennai Super Kings has 12 points while Rajasthan Royals has 11 points, as just below on point table. It is certainly going to be a tough match for the both teams today. CSK and RR certainly are the balanced team in the all departments of the game. Watson, Warne, Dravid and Botha are in good form and they can change the match result by their own power for Rajasthan Royals. For Chennai Super King Hussey, Badrinath, Raina, Morkel are the key player for their team. Let’s see what is going to happen there.

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