Prediction of 20th Match IPL 4, Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Tournament name: Indian Premier League
Tournament series: IPL 4
Tournament year: 2011
Match Venue: Bangalore
Match Number: 20
Toss Winner Prediction
Rajasthan Royals: 55%
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 45%
Batting First Prediction
Rajasthan Royals: 51%
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 49%
Total Runs Prediction
Rajasthan Royals: 170-80
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 165-70
Total wicket Prediction
Rajasthan Royals: 8
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 10
Match winner Prediction
Rajasthan Royals: 52%
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 48%
Man of the match prediction: Rahul Dravid
Keys Player prediction
Rajasthan Royals
Key Player 1   –  Rahul Dravid
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Planet  : Sun
Planet Importance: Sun is  always a fortunate planet and indicates highest position.
Remarks: Rahul is an out-standing cricketer, his absence in last game costs dearly to Rajasthan Royals.
Key Player 2   – Shane Warne
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Planet: Mars
Planet Importance: It is indicator of great fortune and symbol of strength against opponents’. Lucky day of ‘Mars’ is Tuesday.
Remarks: He is the most talented skipper of the Rajasthan Royals team and always provided vital role in bowling and skipping.
Key Player 3   – Shane Watson
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Planet: Uranus
Planet Importance: Most fortunate planet always stands for good success.
Remarks: Shane Watson very strong in batting, bowling and fielding, if stands 8 to 10 he may dismantle opponent.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Key Player 1      : Virat Kohli
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Planet : Mercury
Planet Importance: It always stands for the success of its object, it is a fortunate planet.
Remarks: He is back-bone of Royal Challenger Bangalore he has capacity to turn the table in his team favor, his role is great in victory of RCB.
Key Player 2:      Zaheer Khan
Lucky Number:  7
Lucky Planet:  Mercury
Planet Importance:  Strong ‘Mercury‘always stands for great success and fighting skills.
Remarks: Khan may be proved the rib of the Royal Challenger Bangalore, his success means win of the team, he is most potential player, and capable to lead his team as victor.
Key Player 3         : Asad Pathan
Lucky Number    : 4
Lucky Planet        : Uranus
Planet Importance: Very destructive in nature, and always hostile to opponents.
Remarks: Asad Pathan may emerge as potential player today for Royal Challenger Bangalore.

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