Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Comments on India Winning Cricket World Cup 2011

Navjot Singh Sidhu enlivened the World Cup Matches with his inimitable style of commentary

Navjot Singh Sidhu was at his best after India won the Cricket World Cup. IN his inimitable style Sidhu was all praises. Here are some quotes comments that i can remember. You can watch all the comments in Part 7 of the video highlights of the match

“Any jackass can take down a door, but it take a carpenter to build a great one” – referring to MS Dhoni’s life time innings

“India ki Chak de Phatte” – he did say that with both Ian Chappell and Dermott Reeve looking bemused and Harsha Bhogle not knowing whether to translate that or not.

“India ki Balle Balle, aur sab ki thalle thalle ” – or something like that

“Dhoni has been the best Indian captain ever. By far” – referring to MS Dhoni’s stellar innings and leadership

Sidhu, we love your style. Keep at it, even though at times it maybe a tad too much

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