Match Prediction of IPL 16th Match between Pune Warriors and Delhi Daredevils

Tournament: Indian Premier league
Tournament Series: IPL 4
Tournament year: 2011

Match Venue: Navi Mumbai
Match Number: 16
Toss Winner Prediction
Pune Warriors: 58%
Delhi Daredevils: 42%
Batting First Prediction:
Pune Warriors: 60%
Delhi Daredevils: 40%
Total Runs Prediction:
Pune Warriors: 175-80
Delhi Daredevils: 160-65
Total wicket Prediction:
Pune Warriors: 8
Delhi Daredevils: 10
Match winner Prediction:
Pune Warriors:55%
Delhi Daredevils:45%
Man of the match prediction: Yuvraj Singh
Keys Player prediction :
Team Number1: Pune Warriors
Key Player 1   – Yuvraj Singh
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Planet: Sun
Planet Importance: Sun  is always a fortunate planet and indicates high-rise in position and fame.
Remarks: Symbol of great success. Yuvraj has great potential to snatch victory from opponents.

Key Player 2   – Jesse Ryder

Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Planet: Moon
Planet Importance: It is indicator of good fortune under the influence of the ‘Super-Moon till 28th April.
Remarks: He is the most talented member of the ‘PWI‘team and always provide vital role in batting, bowling and fielding.
Key Player 3   – Utthappa
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Planet: Saturn
Planet Importance: Most strong positive action on Sunday may take place.
Remarks: Utthappa is hard hitting player, if survives 5-10 overs he is capable to raise quite high score, he may play very impressive game to-day for his team.
Team Number 2                           : Delhi Daredevils
Key Player 1                                 : Virender Sehwag
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Planet: Mercury
Planet Importance: It always stands for the success of its object, it is a fortunate planet.
Remarks: He is back-bone of ‘DD’ he has capacity to turn the table in his team favor, his role is great in victory of DD.
Key Player 2                            : David Warner
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Planet:  Moon
Planet Importance: Strong ‘Moon’ always stands for great success and fame.
Remarks: D Warner is the rib of the ‘DD‘, his success means win of the team,he is most potential player, and capable to lead his team as victor.
Key Player 3                                  : Venu gopal Rao
Lucky Number:3
Lucky Planet:Jupiter
Planet Importance:Stands for good fortune and success.
Remarks: Venu is spinal cord of the “DD” batting line up, his success is the team’s success as he did in last match.

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