History of IPL or Indian Premier league

History of IPl or “Indian premier league” goes back to 1996, when Mr. Modi wanted to bring cricket to generation next level.The Indian premier league or ‘IPL‘ which is one of the most important sporting events globally was first conceptualized by Mr. Lalit Modi in 1996. However, it took more than a decade for this idea to become a reality. Thanks to new defunct ‘Indian cricket league‘ or ICL.
With the advent of ‘ICL‘ in 2007 by Subhash Chandra of ZEE group in the aftermath of the disaster of 2007 world cup, BCCI found itself on shaky grounds as many prominent ex-cricketers such as Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Balvinder Sandhu also joined hands with Mr. Chandra. The kind of moolah being offered lured many international and promising domestic cricketers to ICL. BCCI needed to do something quickly. In came Mr.Lalit Modi with an idea which would not only change the economics of Indian cricket forever, but would also provide a platform for domestic cricketers to become the darling of masses and catch the fancy of national selectors. People like yusuf pathan,R ashwin and saurabh tiwari will not hesitate to acknowledge the contribution of IPL in shaping their careers. It is not that these guys were not performing in domestic circuit. They were, but those performances didn’t showcase the brut strength of yusuf or the guile of ashwin or the youthful exuberance of tiwari in a way that was done in IPL. Performances on this stage made people to sit up and take notice.
IPL is only in its fourth year but it is already showing potential to become one of the costliest sporting leagues. How things have changed in the past three years can be gauged by the fact that when Mumbai Indian was bought by Mr. Mukesh Ambani for 441 crores eyebrows was raised. However that amount has been already dwarfed by the 1702 crore bid of Pune franchise by the sahara group. May be it is the sign of things to come.

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