India vs Australia Cricket World Cup 2011 Match Numerological Prediction

Continuing with our prediction series, here are my predictions based on numerology for the big World Cup 2011 Quarter Final match to be played between India and Australia on thursday. You can read the India Vs Australia prediction made by my colleague and also refer to the historical 5-1 advantage that Australia has over india in World Cup Matches.

A. Toss Prediction

By help of strong influence of “Sun God”, India may win the toss and choose to bat first. Chances of winning the toss stands 55% to India and 45 % to Australia.

B. First Batting Prediction : If India wins the  ‘Toss’  it will surely bat first because since the commencement of the 2011 World Cup, India has not lost batting 1st except against South Africa at Nagpur, in which South Africa chased 296 and defeated IND. On that day the triple 9 effect proved suicidal for Indians – they  lost 9 wicket for 29 runs in 9 over.

India’s chances for batting first stand at —55 % while Australia—45 %.

C. Match Winning Plays (for India)

Player Magic Number Name of Planet Comments
Sachin Tendulkar 7 Neptune Associated with the moon, called house of water. It has great influence over others and shows strong individuality. If he stands up to 20-25th over of play, india will be albe to score above 300 runs
Virendra Sehwag 1 Sun House of strong sun, from the 21st March to 28th April. Will be able to perform well
Yuvraj Singh 1 Sun Same as above. Additionally both Yuvraj and Sehwag combine to form a 1x1x1 triple combine which is powerful
Guatam Gambhir 4 Uranus Uranus is very friendly to Gambhir who if he plays will help India to win at Ahmadabad by making good runs
Harbhajan Singh 3 Jupiter Jupiter makes it possible to have control and authority over others. Hence the key of India’s success may lie in the hands of Bhajji.  His main targets should be openers, Watson and Clarke. But he should be most careful of Mike Hussey, who is under influence of the ‘ Mars’ symbol. This can cause devastation, and his early dismissal would ensure India’s victory. This was seen in Colombo on Mach 19, 2011, against Pakistan, who dismissed Hussey for 10 runs.
MS Dhoni 9 Mars The Zodiac sign of Aries. It will be a litmus test for him
Virat Kohli 8 Saturn Symbol of great success or failure. Ricky onting also comes under number 8 so Kohli might counter ponting’s effect
Zaheer Khan 7 Neptune As mentioned earlier is associated with the mooon. This also matches Clarke’s number and hence Zaheer maybe able to hold him off

Overall, i think India’s winning chance is 51% and Australia 49%;

It will be a very close and interesting cricket match at Ahmedabad.

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