India Pakistan Semi Final Match Winner Prediction Poll! More than 3550 Votes

India Ya Pakistan?

  • Vote India Wins|| (2947%, 1,886 Votes)
  • Vote Pakistan Wins|| (0%, 1,874 Votes)

Total Voters: 64

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Thanks for all site users and cricket fans. We put this poll out yesterday and it has already gotten more than 1900 Votes. The question was simple and one that is on the minds of 1.5 billion plus cricket fans. Who will win the “Mother of All Finals“? A question that will also decide the $ 1bn (Rupees 5,000 crores) that are being put on bets for the match.

Who will win this crucial game and possibly the World Cup (yes, there is strong possibility that the winner of the world cup will be decided in Mohali and not Mumbai)

So here are the results of the poll so far – Total 3550+ Votes and Counting !

Dont agree with the numbers? Then Vote and let us know who you think will win this Mother of All Finals! The voting will close 1 hr before the end of the match.

And yes we have a new Poll design – Check it out on top – Click the ‘like’ button to express your Vote!

17 Replies to “India Pakistan Semi Final Match Winner Prediction Poll! More than 3550 Votes

  1. India will win insha allah, we are waiting for world cup for long, now our dream going to be true. waiting for tomorow for second last step.

  2. killing a parrot coz he said that pakistan will win that shows india is scared and shouldnt win all to god inshaallah pakistan will win

  3. inshaallah pakistan will win this hitorical match.
    both of teams r good,but afridi has a good winnig confidence.

  4. INDIA WILL THRASH PAKISTAN. and o the bird killing thing ITS FAKE. pakistan media made that shit up! So yeah make sure u know ur facts right. India is going to win and India didn’t disgrace Pakistan in IPL ur TERRORITS DID! keep them in their place in ur own country then maybe pakistan players can play once again in IPL. GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

  5. Surely, Pakistan will Win IA, they under estimated and disgraced our players in IPL, even they tried to isolates us in the world of cricket,
    now God will disgrace them………………..
    Result is on 30th but don’t forget Allah always do justice.

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