India’s Numerological And Astrological Aspect That Acted Pro & Anti

INDIA’S PRIME NO OR MAGIC NO IS: [1] stands the symbolism for the ‘SUN’. It is the beginning—that by which all the rest of the nine numbers were created. It is inventive, strongly individual. The ‘SUN’ favored Tendulkar who hit his ton against South Africa.
House of ‘SUN’ from the 21st March to the 28th April, when the Sun enters the Vernal Equinox and is considered elevated or all-powerful during this period, hence in coming matches India’s chances are very bright and it would be able to win World Cup-2011, after 3 decades.
Pro-impact of no-[1] gave 48th ton to Tendulkar and a good fighting score of 296/10 against South Africa.
SOUTH-AFRICA: Prime or Compound no- [13] or Magic no is- [4] stands in its symbolism for the Planet [URANUS], this Planet empowers its object great courage and skills to tackle the toughest situations and fighting spirit against enemies.
How it favored South Africa, India was batting at 267/1 and when pp taken India lost it’s all 9 wickets for 29 runs in 9 overs and finished a total 296/10. In 48.4 overs.No  [9] stands for Planet ‘Mars’ very famous for extra-ordinary courage and strength and a favorable to Planet [URANUS], hence combined forces of [Mars+Uranus] beaten to [Sun] impacts that was helping India.
Saturday is the most fortunate day of [Uranus] India versus South Africa, match played at Nagpur on Saturday.
Compound no-[13] of South Africa also proved ‘Lucky’ for S A and very bad for India because in last over S A required 13 runs to win the match and Peterson hit 16 runs in four balls and [4] the Magic no S. A.
FIDING: Combined forces of [Mars+ Uranus] defeated the single Planet ‘ SUN’, Secondly [13] and [4],the compound and Magic no of South Africa respectively heavily favored its object and South Africa became able to beat India in very close contested cricket match on Saturday.

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