England vs West Indies match Predictions Group B

The cricket match “ENG V/S W I” will take on Thursday March 17, 2011.There is great tussle between England and West Indies of to qualify for quarter final, therefore March 17th match for England is like do & die. It would be very interesting to judge, where and how their fates stand according to Numerological and Astrological considerations, details team- wise given bellow:
ENGLAND: Its compound and Magic no[s] and their impacts over objects, as follows:
COMPOUND NO; [29]: This number indicates uncertainties and very fluctuating fortunes.
PRIME NUMBER =2+9=11=1+1= [2], related to ‘MOON’, now it is coming very near to earth in the form of’ SUPER MOON’, it would give enormous energy to ENG to fight W.I. this is only hope for England tosurvive in this World Cup match.
COMPOUND NO: [46], It also give very uncertainties, but provide enough energy to its object to fightodds,it may be helpful W.I on 17/3/11 match.
PRIME NUMBER OF W.I =46=4+6=10=1+0=[ 1 ]/THIS NO is the representative of ‘ LORD SUN’, the W.I have good chances to survive on March 17th.
FINDINGS : W.I victory depends on their star bowlers, Suleiman Benn and all-rounder Pollard,there is 50:50 chances, but W.I has slight edge over ENG, by virtue of Planet ‘SUN’, but power of ‘Super Moon’ could not rule out, very interesting, match will take place indeed.

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